New industries


A key focus for 2017 was to extend ATNZ’s coverage outside of engineering. In response to industry need, we started recruiting apprentices for the printing and plastics manufacturing industries.


Print and packaging  

Leveraging an existing relationship with the industry association PrintNZ, we engaged with industry leaders to understand their workforce needs and challenges.

The print industry was identified as an area that could greatly benefit from the ATNZ apprenticeship model.

ATNZ has partnered with PrintNZ to recruit for apprenticeship roles in print and packaging and take on the employer role going forward. This will be a key partnership for ATNZ in 2018. 


Plastics manufacturing  

Plastics manufacturing was identified as an industry that could greatly benefit from support through the ATNZ apprenticeship model.

Working alongside the industry association Plastics New Zealand, ATNZ has worked to understand the unique set of challenges faced by employers in this sector.

ATNZ is recruiting for apprenticeship roles in plastics manufacturing. This will be another key partnership for ATNZ in 2018.