ATNZ Annual Report 2017

Growing the pipeline of talented apprentices for New Zealand industry

About ATNZ

Apprentice Training New Zealand has been providing quality apprentices and service support to companies since 1999. We are New Zealand’s largest employer of engineering and related trades apprentices, currently employing 376 apprentices.

ATNZ works in partnership with 196 host companies, where the apprentices are placed for the on-job component of their apprenticeship training. ATNZ is a registered charity and as such a not-for-profit investing back into its apprentices every year.

We are passionate about developing quality tradespeople and significantly contributing to the sectors we work alongside.

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We recruit apprentices for the engineering, printing and plastics manufacturing industries. 

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Chairman's report

The only thing that is constant is change and 2017 was a year of significant transformation for ATNZ. We now move into a new era, separated from industry training organisation Competenz with a structure that prepares us for an ambitious period of growth.

An extensive review of ATNZ and Competenz apprenticeships provided clear results – ATNZ apprentices have a 20% higher credit achievement rate, they complete their qualifications faster, and they add value to businesses earlier. It’s an apprenticeship model with great potential.

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General Manager's report

ATNZ is leading the charge to address New Zealand’s skills shortage in engineering and related trades. We know the country needs more than 13,000 new people in the engineering sector by 2022 to meet industry growth and replace workers who retire or leave, and we continue to grow the pipeline of talented apprentices.

The organisation went through significant change in April 2017 to stand alone from Competenz. The team is now resourced for growth, with a new general manager, national manager and eight dedicated account managers across the country. Our health and safety manager has increased from part-time to full-time and we continue to have a dedicated HR and payroll team.

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Our performance      


Apprentices employed


New apprentices signed up


Host companies trained apprentices


Apprentices graduated as skilled tradespeople

Our account managers

ATNZ has eight dedicated account managers across New Zealand who are passionate about seeing apprentices reach their full potential. They mentor and guide apprentices throughout their training and help host companies to manage all aspects of their apprentice’s training programme. Each account manager currently has a portfolio of approximately 55 apprentices.

Roy Adams
Dave Bennett
Jo Brierley
Matt Durham
John McGregor
Rick Oliver
Bevan Prince
Kevin Withell

As part of the service level agreement with Competenz, there are six training advisors who split their time between Competenz and ATNZ apprentices. These people complete our field team and allow us to support more apprentices in more locations around the country.

Janene Bang
Noel Clayton
Mardo De Nobrega
John Nortman
Angus Ryburn
Murray Welsh

Health and safety



At ATNZ we are 100% focused on ensuring our apprentices are learning in a safe environment and are advocates of safe working practices within their host companies. ATNZ is tertiary accredited with ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices (WSMP), the highest level of accreditation available. 



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New Zealand has the highest youth suicide rate in the world and the majority of our ATNZ apprentices fit the profile of the most at-risk group – men aged 20 to 24. We have a moral responsibility to support them.



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ATNZ’s biggest challenge is creating a pipeline of talented young people to fill apprenticeship vacancies throughout New Zealand. We strengthened our partnerships with industry training providers (ITPs) in 2017 to continue building pathways from trades training into employment.



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New industries



A key focus for 2017 was to extend ATNZ’s coverage outside of engineering. In response to industry need, we started recruiting apprentices for the printing and plastics manufacturing industries.



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With a new structure in 2017, a modern visual identity was created to move ATNZ into the future.

Significant work was done to ensure the ATNZ brand sits distinctly apart from other ITOs and recruitment firms.



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Summary of
financial statements