Health and safety


At ATNZ we are 100% focused on ensuring our apprentices are learning in a safe environment and are advocates of safe working practices within their host companies. ATNZ is tertiary accredited with ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices (WSMP), the highest level of accreditation available.

Our dedicated health and safety manager focuses his energies on the health and safety of our apprentices and works alongside our host companies to ensure they understand their requirements to provide a safe work environment. Having a dedicated person in this role ensures we have excellent practices in place to record and manage incidents, injuries and hazards.


Apprentice education is a priority

All apprentices complete a comprehensive induction programme, both in a classroom setting and on-site at the host company. Each apprentice receives a handbook containing detailed sections on health and safety as well as other key information about their employment with ATNZ.

Toolbox talks have become a key tool to building a powerful health and safety climate. Account managers are supplied monthly information sheets that are discussed with each apprentice during their monthly meetings. The talks have been highly effective in raising awareness and passing on tips and useful information on commonly used equipment and personal protective equipment in addition to raising the focus on their mental wellbeing.


Host companies know their responsibilities

ATNZ works closely with host companies as the day-to-day management of health and safety is their responsibility while our apprentices are learning on-the-job.

Before an apprentice starts, an audit is conducted for all potential host companies to ensure they meet our health and safety requirements. Site visits are carried out on an ongoing basis to ensure focus and compliance, and to gauge any additional support that host companies require.


Health and Safety Committee

Our ATNZ Health and Safety Committee meets every two months. It is chaired by our health and safety manager and includes seven apprentices from host companies of varying sizes.

The committee:

  • Reviews all ATNZ apprentice accident reports
  • Reviews ATNZ’s health and safety policies, procedures, hazard registers and structures, recommending changes to the ATNZ management team
  • Actively looks for ways to reduce incidents and injuries.


At the start of their training, apprentices are provided with all the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) and the required tools via an interest-free loan. The loan is capped at $2,600 + GST per apprentice and must be paid off by the time they complete their training.