Chairman’s report


The only thing that is constant is change and 2017 was a year of significant transformation for ATNZ. We now move into a new era, separated from industry training organisation Competenz with a structure that prepares us for an ambitious period of growth.

An extensive review of ATNZ and Competenz apprenticeships provided clear results – ATNZ apprentices have a 20% higher credit achievement rate, they complete their qualifications faster, and they add value to businesses earlier. It’s an apprenticeship model with great potential.

We have retained a service level agreement with Competenz for support with finance, marketing, IT and other infrastructure. This allows us to focus on what we do best – recruiting quality employees, supporting them through on-the-job training and creating a new generation of qualified tradespeople. 

With Toni Christie appointed to the role of General Manager in 2017, the transformation has been smooth and transparent. Toni is a highly experienced leader with extensive commercial and business development experience. She knows what it takes to deliver successful outcomes and has built a team focused on results.

Health and safety remains a key driver for the board and we take a strong view on being an organisation at the forefront of best practise. It’s vital that our apprentices learn in a safe environment and become advocates of safe working practices within their host companies. We fully support the operational focus on this aspect of our employees’ working lives.

Our organisation remains in a strong financial position with a net worth of $884,000. In 2017 we increased our surplus by 10% despite increased investment in staff following the separation from Competenz.

ATNZ strives to be the employer of choice and a recognised leader in providing a premium, customised service for apprentices and host companies. We are well poised for success in 2018.


John Blakey
Chairman, ATNZ