With a new structure in 2017, a modern visual identity was created to move ATNZ into the future.

Significant work was done to ensure the ATNZ brand sits distinctly apart from other ITOs and recruitment firms.

It needed a careful mix of modern, professional and smart visual elements and copywriting tones. A range of brand elements were designed to appeal to both employers and apprentices, two distinct audience.

Throughout 2017 the new branding was implemented across the business including ATNZ vehicles, apparel, website, advertising, marketing collateral and other documents.

Brand personality

ATNZ is:

  • Aspirational but approachable
  • Precise but human
  • Knowledgeable but modest
  • Empathetic but efficient
  • Confident but Kiwi.



The ATNZ logo reflects the three-way interlinking partnership between apprentices, host companies and ATNZ.

It is a modern interpretation of the industrial monograms from the 19th and 20th Century. As simple as they are bold, these monograms were intended as a shorthand signature to provide quality assurance of the products and services offered – an apt narrative for ATNZ.